The Aqua Collection

Inspired by the big blue that surrounds my island home, and the rivers that wind through it, I created a line of earrings.



An Obelia is a genus of marine and freshwater species, but it is also the name of a character from beloved Australian author May Gibbs’ books, the Tales of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, which my Grandmother read to me as a child. I named these earrings for that memory which I treasure.


The birth of Venus, Roman Goddess of love and beauty, has been the subject of many of my favourite paintings. She was born of sea-foam and is often depicted rising from the ocean inside of a seashell- quite an entrance! For the love of such a myth, I named these earrings for her.


The name ‘Undine’ was created by medieval author Paracelsus, and comes from the Latin ‘unda’ meaning wave. He created this word to name immortal and beautiful water sprites, known to inhabit waterfalls and forest ponds. For their delicate beauty, I borrowed this title.


In Greek Mythology, Arethusa was a sea nymph or ‘Nereid’ who escaped Arcadia beneath the ocean to transform into a fountain on the island or Ortygia. This design is inspired by the beauty of nature and metamorphosis.


The Lady of the Lake, sorceress from Arthurian legend. I couldn’t create a water inspired collection without naming a pair for this powerful figure. Designed to enchant, this pair of earrings are a little piece of ethereal magic.

Made with love, In Tasmania, Australia, by Vivienne Austen.

Available now from Pepperberry and Pine Studio, on Etsy.

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